March 24, 2015

Forex Signals

Forex Signals

Forex Signals

Forex signals are trading entry and exit points provided to you as a subscriber. See our Forex Signals page for details. Also see our Managed Forex page for having signals “done for you”.

What are in these Forex systems and courses? These systems are manual based trading systems – the good stuff. No robots were gimmicks just real hard-core hard-nosed trading systems that have the potential to net out a lot of profit overtime. We take the philosophical approach of trading as a business. This means that we look to set up a trading company and turn it into an actual business just as we would a grocery store, restaurant or retail shop etc… We acknowledge costs and revenues while we operate a systematic checklist for business execution, our ‘operations manual’ in order that we may average out a net profit.

Key Features:

  • 2 Starter Forex Pairs using the FX Signals ELITE system
  • Get these signals to start capturing almost all price swings
  • Follow and excellent Forex Swing Trading System in real time
  • You can pick and chose trades you like or follow all without thought just like trading a system.
  • You can upgrade to 4 pairs for only $97/mo





FX Signals ELITE Premium

Key Features:

  • Runs 2 Forex pairs as a trading system portfolio.  No need to make extra work for you chasing more than 2 pairs at a time.  In fact you may only want to focus on one FX pair.
  • There are two purposes to this service:  1. Cash flow 2. Net worth
  • Obtain signals to FX pairs that can get a lot more pips.
  • Continually capture almost all swings on these 4 Forex pairs
  • Bonus GOLD Signals! XAGUSD
  • FX System Portfolio
  • Runs 2 Forex Pairs as a System
  • Auto Trading Where Available


$297/moGet All 4 Signal Services



Key Features:

  • Corners price action with precision
  • Super solid system that captures the big moves
  • Will always have an exact plan with this trading system behind these signals
  • Great long term cash stacking and wealth building approach
  • Runs on a core 2 Forex pairs
  • Captures key trend moves
  • For those of you who don’t like to get too active trading
  • Very solid system base for the signals
  • Runs on a core 2 Forex pairs



Forex Signals

Since most in Forex have the tendency to trade shorter and shorter and shorter time frames, how about you let us help you spread things back out a bit. Look, the shorter the time frame, the smaller the time of bars you trade, the more difficult it is to make money in Forex. Not only is it hard to concentrate being ready to enter or exit a position at the markets whim, you are also competing with massive institutions and brokers with their spreads putting you at further disadvantage. On top of that trading short term is really tough on your emotions and the more you stress your self the more likely you are to make mistakes.

So let’s exit the realm of the institutions. Let me ask you this: What sounds better: Make 1000 pips entering, setting stop losess for 120 trades or making a 1000 pips over 1 to 3 trades? Right. Why work so hard? Can you imagine Warren Buffet or George Soros hunched over staring at a real time price chart clicking away entering and exiting trades all day? The big money in Forex is in the Big Moves so let’s pursue these moves in a systematic way.

We are offering Forex trading signals based of our proprietary Trend trading systems and strategies. We will combine strategies in a systematic way in order to produce consistent grade Forex signals.


Forex Signals ELITE Trading System Performance Results




  • SUMMIT9 Forex Trading Signals– you get the signals derived from the Trend Clustering system SUMMIT9. This has been a historically extremely powerful Forex trading system. Signals come via email and will contain exact entries, stop losses AND profit taking exits. Plus we will also include the money management position sizing stacking factors.
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